Paper Giclee 15″ x 20″

In the literal sense, ICON, is often defined as a religious artwork or painting; a symbol of uncritical devotion. In the “State of Hockey,” the ICON of uncritical devotion is the local hockey rink. Devout followers of Minnesota hockey will undoubtedly recognize many of these familiar images that dot the frozen landscape.

Print Editions
– Standard Paper Giclee 15″x 20″
– Standard Paper Giclee Artist Proof 15″x 20″
15th Anniversary Edition Paper Giclee 24″x 32″
– Canvas Giclee 36″x 48″ Please call the studio 952-443-0028 to order the canvas

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Original oil on canvas- 2012- 36″x 48″/Available, contact the studio 952-443-0028 for more info