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Prints, Canvases and Original Artwork

If you are interested in purchasing a print you can now order directly from the site. Some canvas giclee orders however, must be placed by phone. If you simply would like more personalized service, please call or e-mail the studio with any questions. There is no such thing as a “silly” question so please do not hesitate to ask.

Most of the paintings featured in this gallery have been reproduced as limited edition prints and canvases. The dimensions listed reflect the image size of each item. Certain print and canvas editions are either sold out or extremely rare. The price of these prints can vary dramatically depending on the availability. Please call the studio for information on these items if prices are not listed.

Terrence Fogarty’s original paintings and drawings are for sale directly through the studio. Click on PURCHASE ORIGINALS page or contact us directly  for more information on these one of a kind items.

All of the limited edition artwork is hand signed and numbered by Artist Terrence Fogarty. Please allow three weeks for your order to arrive after placing your order. Special requests for rush shipments can be met if you are ordering for a special occasion. Your print or canvas will be shipped in a crush proof mailing tube. We highly recommend that you take the tube directly to your framer for removal.

Artwork is printed in the following formats. For availability of individual pieces please see the details below each piece.

Offset Lithography

Mechanized offset lithography printing is done on a large printing press that transfers ink from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the paper surface. Offset lithography is a common printing method. Hundreds of printed items, from calendars to postcards, are produced using offset lithography. For many years offset was the preferred way of printing most art reproductions in the commercial art world. With the evolution of digital technology, giclee printing has become the favored method of many artists. Care is taken when printing fine art reproductions to make sure the papers and inks used are all of archival quality.

Giclee Printing

Giclee is an art industry term for fine art ink-jet printing. Giclée (pronounced gee-clay) prints are high-quality reproductions that are printed with specialized fine art, digital ink-jet printers. A wider range of fine art paper and canvas surfaces can be used with digital printing as opposed to offset printing. Isolated color adjustments are easier to make with the giclee printing process thus making it possible for reproductions to achieve the closest look of the original work of art. Giclee printing also offers greater control over an artist’s print inventory since prints can be printed on demand. The papers and inks used for fine art giclee prints are of archival quality.

Canvas Giclee

Canvas giclee reproductions achieve the closest “feel” to the original oil painting. Rather than paper, a specially primed art canvas is used with a large format ink jet printer to reproduce the original painting, often to the exact dimensions as the original art. Certain canvas editions often will not exceed 20 to 30 copies, making this an extremely rare item. Some canvas orders must be placed by phone.

Limited Edition

A set number of identical prints or canvases that are hand signed and numbered by the artist. The prints are limited to a pre-determined edition size and once sold out are not reprinted in the same print format.

Artist Proof

The existence of the artist proof in modern printing is derived from traditional stone lithography when artist proofs were truly the first prints off a manual press and used by the artist and printer for color corrections and other adjustments. Bowing to that antiquated method of printing, artists today who choose the more modern printing methods often still issue a separate but much smaller edition of prints, “artist proofs” that are distinguished by the abbreviation AP located next to the number of the print. Typically, artist proofs are reserved by the artist for friends, family and loyal collectors and often sell for a higher price than the standard prints in the edition.

Tips for Print Care

Have an experienced framer remove your print from the shipping tube it arrives in. The tube is not recommended for long term storage If you do not plan on having your print framed right away have the framer flatten and shrink wrap your print on acid free foam core for storage. A print file will also suffice. Certain precautions should be taken to ensure the long life of your print or canvas. Even though acid-free papers and light fast inks are used in printing, elements such as direct or indirect sunlight (UV light), fluorescent lighting, or high heat and humidity can have damaging effects on your print over time. Avoid hanging your print or canvas in rooms with natural sunlight and extreme climates. High heat, humidity and extremely dry or cold conditions should be avoided.

Have your print framed by a reputable framer who uses conservation framing methods. UV filtering glass, acid-free matting and backing should be used. Once framed, your print or canvas should be illuminated with incandescent lighting which is harmless to your print.