Purchase Originals


On average, I complete 8-12 original paintings annually. Most of these paintings are reproduced as limited edition, signed and numbered paper prints or canvas prints. Mechanical printing methods do a great job of reproducing the work, however, nothing completely matches the color and texture of oil paint.  There is an added dimension and quality that exists when looking at the original painting. Brushstrokes are visible when viewed up close and colors are more intense.  A personal connection exists between the viewer and the artist that can’t be achieved with a copy.  Please contact the studio if you have an interest in purchasing a one of a kind original painting or drawing. When possible a private showing can be arranged.


Commissioning a custom piece of art begins with a consultation between (myself) Terrence Fogarty and the client to determine the subject matter, cost, time frame, commercial use of the image and other important details.

When considering a commissioned painting or drawing remember that my schedule may not permit me to begin a project for several months due to work currently on the easel or previously scheduled work. Please try and plan at least a year ahead for commissions if possible. While a drawing may take three weeks to complete a painting often will take three months. Original artworks can range in price from $4,000 to $30,000.

This page will periodically update original paintings currently for sale.


2019 – Oil on Canvas – 14″ x 28″   $9,500

Supper’s On

2020 – Oil on Board – 11″ x 14″   $3,000

Great River Steam

2018 – Oil on Canvas – 18″ x 36″   $17,500

Whistling Death

2018 – Oil on Canvas – 12″ x 12″   $8,500

So Others May Live

2017 – Oil on Canvas – 24″ x 24″   $9,500

The Tree Lot

2016 – Oil on Canvas – 14″ x 35″   $9,500

Sioux Nation

2016 – Oil on Canvas    10″ x 10″     $3,000


2011 – Oil on Canvas – 18″ x 56″

The ball yard at Dassel, Minnesota is as good as it gets.  What initially drew me to paint this park was the building in right field. The Universal Lab building is on the national register of historic places. It gives the entire scene a throwback quality.  The scattered sunlight on the infield highlights some of the players while keeping some in shadow. A very pleasant effect and just the way mother nature presented it to me.


2020 – Oil on Board    16″ x 20″     $7,500

Yellow River Hockey Club

2018 – Oil on Canvas    18″ x 32″     $15,500

Into the Yonder

2018 – Oil on Canvas    13″ x 19″     $9,500

Fremont Store

2017 – Oil on Canvas    18″ x 28″     $8,500

Just Add Butter

2016 – Oil on Canvas    12″ x 36″     $9,500

War Letters

2016 – Oil on Canvas    12″ x 18″     $8,500

A tribute to my dad and the ground support crews that served the 5th Army Air Force in and around New Guinea in WWII. Biak, Hollandia, Port Moresby and Finschhafen to name a few.   I chose the P-40E Warhawks of the Eighth Fighter Squadron, 49th FG for the backdrop.

Autumn Legends

1999 – Oil on Canvas   34″x 44″

The schools of the MIAC Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference each provided one or two priceless artifacts from their football archives.  I picked the best and painted this large canvas.  It’s a piece that really is best seen in person. The detail and color are hard to replicate with a copy. The different textures were fun to try and replicate with a paintbrush. The woolen stadium blanket,  the leather sleeves on the letter jacket and the shine of the old trophy create a great contrast of surfaces.