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Met Center Memories

Please contact 952-443-0028 for print availability.

Oil on canvas, 1995

This painting was a salute to the old Met Center and to one of the Minnesota North Star’s most beloved players. Bill Goldsworthy,

A subtle ghost-like portrait of Bill Goldsworthy is visible at the top center of the painting. The publisher arranged to have all 750 prints autographed by “Goldy”. Sadly, Goldy was only able to autograph approximately 200 of the prints before he died in 1996.

Those prints have long since sold out. The remaining prints have a gold stamp that states, “In memory of Bill Goldsworthy, August 24, 1944-March 29, 1996.

Print Editions
– Paper print 15½”x 29″


Additional Info

Original oil on canvas -1995- 30″x 54″ / Available Please contact the studio 952-443-0028 for more info


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