Tourney Archives 25


Paper Giclee   14″ x 17.5

Canvas Giclée 24″ x 30″

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Original Oil on Board, 2019 24″ x 30″ / Unavailable

Only with the contributions and help of many people was I able to create this year’s tournament paintings. Tourney Archives 25 and Tourney Archives 75 touch the surface of a March ritual we here in Minnesota know as ” The Tourney.” Thanks to everyone who made this possible including;

John Bianchi                      Jim Martin
Henry Boucha                  Dave Marvin
Kirstin Burton                   Kyle Oen
Pete Buesgens                 Doug Palazarri
Anne Campbell                Dave Palmquist
Natalie Darwitz                Skip Peltier
Roger Godin                     Tim Poehling
Ivan Hirst                          John Pohl
Willard Ikola                     Shawn Reid
Eric Johnson                     Craig Rosenthal
Rachel Krahn                    John Schroeder
Bill Lechner                       Sandra Setter-Larsen
Tim Leighton                    Dave Spehar
John Lindberg                  Dave Swanson
Lisa Lissamore                 Mike Thill
Mark Lodge                      Kris Wendell
Corey Martin                    Moose Younghans